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Algarve Car Hire - 6 Strategies to Give You Happy Driving Holidays

When you go for holidays in Algarve, Portugal and look for a car hire company to be able to drive freely and know the Algarve the first concern you may have is to have a vacation without problems and drive a new car from a reliable company that provides a good service.

Reserve in advance

To ensure from the beginning that you will have the car you want it is advisable to make your booking in advance. If your holidays in the Algarve fall in the summer you should rent your car hire well in advance because the Algarve is a major tourist destination and summer is very requested. If you make your reservation at the last minute you risk not find a car to rent because it is normal that rent a car firms make overbooking at this time.

Reserve with a local company

Alongside this first concern is that there is another important when deciding to rent the car for your holidays in the Algarve: Rent at local firms. Today all companies have Web sites and is easy to find them on the web. Renting at local firms you are helping businesses of the country you are visiting and also you ensure for yourself a better service and more responsible one. Local businesses are eager to serve you well, and provide a good service because, for them, you are a customer who will be back if you are happy. Furthermore they are in the place always ready to assist in case you need.

Do not accept hidden extras

When visiting the site of a car hire company in the Algarve make sure it shows all the possible extras and their prices.
There are extras that are optional and, hence, was not fair prices were contained in the rental price. They should only be charged to customers who choose any extra and these values must be clearly expressed on the site. A company that hides the prices of extras can hide something more ...

Know the hire terms & conditions

Similarly the conditions of hire should be the best of your knowledge before you rent the car. Look for the Terms and Conditions page, see if everything is there and if writing is clear enough. On this page must be clear all the conditions of the rental car, who can rent, insurance coverage, what is not included, and so on.

Know the prices without having to ask

Not always what you see in big letters on the first page is true. Choose a company where you can know exactly the price of their rental, including possible extra insurance without having to ask nobody. Of course you can contact them by email or telephone but you trust a company to hire a car that clearly does not publish its prices or allows you to make a simulation as you want?

Beware of cheap prices

You probably have a business or work in a company that sells products or services and you know very well that all products or services have a cost and must be sold for a certain price below which are not profitable, right? You know how to make calculations. You know how much cost a car, gasoline, maintenance, taxes, depreciation of the car that is being sold to maintain the current fleet, and so on. Then you know that in most cases, the cheap can cost dearly.

We at You Drive think everything should be clear and don't like mislead our customers. All Algarve Car Hire terms and possible extras clearly writen in our Terms & Conditions page.

We hope these tips may help you decide the best company to hire a car in the Algarve when you next decide to reserve a car for your holidays in this wonderful place and with an excellent weather all year round.

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