quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2009

Easter Car Hire in Algarve

Easter time this year was a little crazy. Our rabbit had a hard time to fill all our customer's requests and even end up refusing reservations.
We know all of us are having hard times with all these news about economy crunch and a lot of us are avoiding to plan ahead trips and vacations. All this causes turbolence when, suddenly, everybody decides last minute making their trips and car hire reservations. There's when it happens car hire crunch :-)
When our rabbit has to deal with a lot of undexpected last time reservations he must fail somewhere. Or he has not enough cars, or he isn't able of giving the good service and attention we insist to give our customers. And everybody feels bad.

So, to help us guarantee availability of cars and be able to give you the best service you deserve we ask all our customers to make their reservations the earliest they can. This way everything will go smothly, the cars will be ready in time, our rabbit will not stress and all this will reflect a better service to you with a big smile in our rabbit's face.

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