quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

Algarve Car Hire Rates Expected to Increase for Summer

Confirming what we've already written several times, or by email to our customers, either in articles written here are two English newspapers warning of the possible situation of rising prices for Algarve car hire for next summer
Both the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian published articles advising tourists wishing to visit the Algarve in the summer to the fact that they must make their reservations for car hire in advance in order to ensure the prices still low, and most importantly , Ensure that they can have a car available.

This Easter was shown what we have been warning for some time: In times of high demand customers should make their reservations for Algarve Car Hire in advance.
This Easter firms rent a car in the Algarve have exhausted their ability to deliver cars and reached the status of full booked two weeks before and after Easter.

As happened last year, and due to the economic crisis, banks are not helping companies to rent a car to boost their fleets to the busiest seasons. It is foreseeable that a breach of stock car rentals for next summer, as happened last year.

But before this happens it is likely that prices will increase as you start to pressure of demand on supply. As summer approaches and more people begin to look for car rental in the Algarve is the tendency for a price increase before the total collapse of stocks.

This is nothing more nor is the speculation. It is simply the market at work: When demand is greater than the offer prices tend to rise.

What you can do to ensure your car rental for the summer still at the usual rates for the season?
It's simple. Treat the rental car for your holiday in the Algarve in the same way that treats the hotel or rent a villa or buy plane tickets. You know that if you buy too late will pay more or will even receive a denial because everything is full.

With car hire it is the same, so once again here is our advice: Book your Algarve Car Hire in advance and guaranteeing two important things: money still down for the season and guaranteed availability.

We look forward to receive you again next Summer at Faro airport.

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