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Easy Faro Car Hire by You-Drive.cc

Faro Car Hire by You-Drive.cc

It is very easy to book online in advance and get your Rental Car to Faro airport delivered when you arrive in Algarve.

Bookings for Faro airport made in advance have the guarantee if delivery and when made ahead benefit of lower price.

Last minute or late reservations fo Car Hire in Algarve have a serious risk of no availability because of the shortage of cars in all rent a car fleets in the Algarve.

We strongly advise all tourists intending to come to the Algarve in 2014 to prepare and make their car hire bookings ahead to avoid disappointment and not spoil a well deserved vacation in the Algarve in 2014.

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A22 tolls electronic payment

Always with the aim of providing the best possible service to our customers and knowing that the payment of tolls on the A22 or Via do Infante in Algarve is a major concern, from now on all the Algarve Car Hire cars delivered by Yor Car Hire in the Algarve and booked using our booking form for Algarve will be equiped with the electronic transponders for automatic payment of the A22 tolls.

Algarve A22 tolls electronic paymentThe transponder does not need to be pre-booked as it will be available on arrival for all the clients that wish to have it.

All rental cars have the transponders and are connected to the license car number. They can't be remove from the car.

How can I have a transponder to go legally into the A22 road?

The transponders that YOR car hire offers you are available on arrival for all the clients that wish to have them; they do not need to be pre-booked.

How much will cost the transponder?

The transponder will have a cost of 20 euros, cash payment, and it already includes 15 euros of passages in it.
For minibus car models will have a cost of 30 euro, cash payment, and includes 25 euros of passages in it.

I know in advance, these initial 15 euros will not be enough for my journeys. How can I add more money?
On arrival should you choose to add more money to the transponder, our representatives can recharge it with a minimum of 10 euros and multiples of 10 euros, which will be added to the initial 15 euros.

I have started and finished my holidays and I did not spend the initial 15 euros. Will I get a refund?
Unfortunately no. Any amount left to use will not be possible to refund as we do not have that facility as well.

In case I decide not to use the A22, what will happen?
You need to provide the 20 euro for deposit, in cash. In case you did not use the A22 , we will refund the 20 euro.

When you lose the transponder or return damaged?
The company will charge 57 euro+ Vat for the replacement of the new transponder. You must not take the transponder form the car,as the cameras in the motorways will identify the car with the plate number, and will consider as a crime , punish by the European Law.

Now it's easier! Don´t let it for too late your reservation for Summer Algarve Car Hire. Book your Algarve Car Hire or Faro Car Hire in advance.

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Book Your Summer Car Hire in advance and Get Guaranteed Availability

Plan ahead and make your Algarve car hire booking in advance at www.you-drive.cc and we guarantee availability even in the busiest time of the year, even for summer vacation period.

Algarve Car Hire summer availabilitySummer is very requested in all touristic spots around the world and the Algarve is not an exception. With a marvelous climate and so many beautiful beaches to enjoy, Portugal and the south coast of the Algarve are highly demanded by tourists.
In Summer the population in these locations increases about 5 times. It is normal that the majority of the tourists visiting Portugal and the Algarve require a rental car so they can be free to move around and enjoy the country. As it happens all over the world, Algarve Car Hire and Portugal Car Hire companies have their fleets prepared to responde to the average car rental bookings for normal periods of the year. So, in the peack seasons the car hire offer is largely exceeded by demand and it reaches a point where there not enough Algarve car hire to satisfy demand.

But there is a very easy turn around to this situation. All reservations made in advance, before the peack season arrives are welcome and incentivated and always get a positive answer.
So if you book your Algarve car hire or Portugal car hire in advance you are not only getting the guarantee of having your rented car available when you arrive to Faro airport or to Lisbon airport but also you are helping the whole system to work best with estimated provision of cars for the season.

Your booking confirmation is handled online, instantly. All credit card payments are processed collection of your rental vehicle. No primary payments are requested. Our rent a car section naturally presents to you all car rental models classified by car rental categories, only a click away from the detailed photo, price and text presentation of each car.

Our Car Hire in Algarve offers 24/7 car hire services at all major cities, resorts an airport in Algarve. We have a variety of car you can rent from us – a small car, economy sedan for your business trip, family 7 seater minivan that fit all the luggage for your vacation , budget minibus for 9 people.

You Drive car hire fleet consists of reasonably priced new cars available at low rates starting from 9 EUR a day on inclusive basis with a lot of options:

- Third party liability coverage
– CDW (Collision damage waiver)
– VTW (Vehicle Theft Waiver)
– VFW (Vehicle Fire Waiver)
Unlimited mileage,
Extra drivers,
pre-paid road taxes and free car hire equipment (soon available),
VAT and local taxes,
NO CHARGE for flight/bus/train delays,
NO CHARGE to change your booking,
NO CHARGE to cancel your booking
Rent a car breakdown assistance
24-hour phone customer service
24-hour car delivery/collection

If you want to best enjoy your holidays in Algarve and avoid stress plan your Algarve Car Hire ahead as you do with your flight or hotel and book it early at You-Drive.cc

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