quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

Algarve Car Hire shortage prediction for 2010

It has been reported that the economic situation which caused a shortage in availability of vehicles in 2009 has not yet eased, with shortages predicted in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Greece and even Cyprus, with customers advised to book their rental vehicles sooner rather than later.
The Algarve is not an exception and Algarve Car Hire companies are already taking action to try to minimise the impact that less cars in all fleets can cause.

Holidaymakers that made their Algarve Car Hire reservations at the last minute for last Summer faced much higher prices or no cars available at all.

We know that the conditions which were experienced last year are likely to take place again, with similar financial penalties for those booking at the last minute in 2010. So, booking early is highy advisable.

Our clear advise is: Book early, not only to avoid disappointment but to also help the industry to
plan ahead. If hire car companies see that there is a large demand for cars then they may well feel encouraged to invest and buy more cars to enlarge their fleets.

This advice is valid for peak seasons like Easter and Summer, periods when the demand for Car Rental in Algarve is higher and goes beyound the year's average.

So the bottom line is: Book ahead to avoid stress and disappointment and guarantee your rental car for a well deserved relaxed holidays in Algarve.

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