domingo, 1 de novembro de 2009

Algarve Car Hire best prices excellent service at Faro airport.

Algarve Car Hire best prices excellent service at Faro airport.

Algarve car hire booking in advance is a must

Car hire is something a lot of people put off to sort out until the last minute, long after they have
booked our flights and accommodation.

Things are changing and this is anymore a safe practice.
In previous years, this hasn't been a problem because there have always been enough vehicles available
in mainstream holiday resorts like the Algarve in Portugal and, unlike with airline fares, rental
costs haven't really fluctuated. But this year of 2009 was different.

Some holidaymakers who delayed booking their car hire in Portugal and Algarve until late ended up having to pay up to 100 Euros per day for a small vehicle - that's four or five times higher than the usual rate. Many others were unable to find a car at all. A lot of people who risked a late booking or no advanced booking at all saw their holidays in Algarve miserabily disgraced without a car for their transportation.

The situation is worst during the summer because Algarve car hire companies usually operate with smaller fleets during the winter and get more cars on credit for Summer depending on the season expectations and advanced bookings received.
Due to economic crisis everybody believed that very few tourists will come to Portugal this year, so the rent a car companies didn't reinforce their fleets for Summer.
Due to the recession, car manufacturers are making fewer vehicles anyway, and rental firms have been struggling to get credit from banks to purchase replacement cars.

This year, car rental fleets in Portugal have shrunk by 35 to 40 per cent, which means there were a lack of some thousand car hire vehicles only in the Algarve.

And, despite of a small decrease of tourism in the Algarve, it was not so bad as many suspected.

As a result, at peak times - over Easter and during July and August - there was a shortage of cars and with demand sometimes outstripping supply, prices went through the roof. The situation in Algarve was worst than the rest of Portugal.

A lot of holiday agents had big problems arranging car hire for their clients and the situation
brought a lot of bad feelings.

The Algarve Car Hire companies, on several occasions, weren't able to supply vehicles at all.

Some people who have booked their holidays in the Algarve tried to get a rental car in France or Spain to come to Portugal, which was also not easy.
Other simply had to find transportation using taxi or airport transfers.

Holiday broker companies had difficulties finding suitable vehicles for clients in Portugal and
Algarve. So what does the future hold?

These problems look set to continue at periods of peak demand like Easter and Summer mainly if holidaymakers don't plan and book their ahead.

Next summer is another cause for concern for Portugal car Rental companies.

If the recession does not slow down and people don't book their Algarve Car Hire ahead these
challenging conditions may repeat themselves next summer.

So, our advice is to book your Algarve Car Hire in advance to guarantee a car for next Summer in Algarve.

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