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Welcome to YOU DRIVE Official Blog.

Please let me introduce myself. I am António, I am the manager of You-Drive.cc, a rent a car broker company located in the Algarve, south Portugal. One of most beautiful regions in Europe.

We invite you to discover the magnificence of the Algarve. And, of course, to discover this beautifull region driving one of our cars. When you come to the Algarve do not hesitate in asking us a quotation and make a booking using our clear and usefull booking form where you can transparetly see all the possible charges involved.

From this blog we will try to keep you informed about news that have to do with our company. Also we will announce the latest offers and HOT DEALS that our company features every month.

We are always ready for all your Algarve car hire needs.

You always be welcome.

Best Regards,
António R.
please write me to helpdesk@you-drive.cc
or call me to
+351 96 3802115

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newsman disse...

Ive just come from a fabulous holiday in the Algarve.
The Algarve definitively gets five out of five on nearly all counts, the only thing Id say is be careful where you decide to rent a car. I found three Car Hires on the internet, and to be honest I wasnt very satisfied with two of them. The one I liked and I would recommend to anyone. www.you-drive.cc
It was a functional Rent a Car located in Faro Airport, They have great cars a nice prices and defenitlly was one of the most nice car rental places in the Algarve,
and I was distraught when I had to leave. I would definitively recommend searching around the net www.you-drive.cc

newsman disse...

Hi Sergio.
I will be thank full forever for what you done for us, I hope next holidays you can gave us the same quality car!!

newsman disse...

Explore the Algarve, this is a very nice place, I visited 5 times, and I'm returning this year, It's a great place if you have a family, as it is very safe and calm (outside touristic areas). You can choose from Rural to Beach holidays and during Low Season (Winter) golf is very important in the region. The Algarve has top notch courses and a lot of variety. I would also like to suggest you to hire a car in order to explore the Algarve and go places. For that purpose, from my experience I suggest www.you-drive.cc its a very reliable service with competitive rates. The oldest model I got during my visits was 1 year old. Only when you visit regularly this region, is when you really get to know.

John Smith

newsman disse...

Hello everybody,

i just arrived back home and i am very sad! I had a wonderfull time in the Algarve. I can only recommend to visit Portugal.

People over there are very nice and they have a wonderfull country.

I also hired my car with the guys from You Drive. The only thing i can say about them is that i am very very satisfied with the service, the staff and the car. It was a very nice experience! They are very proffessional!

Try this company, you won´t be sorry!

You can finde them on:

See you...

Car Hire Cyprus disse...

Thanks for sharing your experience on this post,I enjoyed reading it.

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